​Parliament photo archive services

The photo archive maintains Parliament’s photo collection, and archive staff is responsible for loaning the images and giving advice on use.

Please don't hesitate to contact the photo archive, the staff is happy to be of assistance. E-mail photoarchive@parliament.fi or phone +358 (0)9 432 3438.

Parliament's Flickr account and photo image bank

Portraits of current MPs are available on Parliament's website in the section photos of MPs 2019.

The Flickr account FinnishParliament publishes topical pictures from Parliament. These pictures may be used for communication purposes as long as fair use practices and good manners are observed.

A small portion of the photo archive collection is available through Parliament's image bank. There you can find larger portraits of sitting MPs as well as images of Parliament's architecture and stock photos of parliamentary work.

You can request photos, which are not posted on the abovementioned services, from the photo archive. Use rights to these photos vary and will have to be clarified on a case-by-case basis. Photos are delivered in digital format and their use is free of charge.

Terms and conditions for use of images

Images provided by the Parliamentary Office may be used in news reporting and other communications aimed at public dissemination of information. The images may also be used in blogs and social media. The images are available free of charge.

The use of images supplied by the Parliamentary Office is also permitted for the purpose of publicising and promoting the work of an MP, including election campaign communications. However, the images may not be used in election campaign advertising the candidate’s number and/or a direct targeted call to vote linked with the election date . 

Images supplied by the Parliamentary Office may not be used for advertising or marketing purposes. However, using the images on book covers is not considered advertising or marketing. It is also forbidden to use them for commercial gain, e.g. T-shirts or mugs. The images may not be archived or forwarded to third parties. The source (name of the photographer / Parliament of Finland) must be acknowledged where image is used.

Persons depicted in the images must be acknowledged in all uses and, if necessary, their permission to use the image must be separately obtained. Photos supplied by the Parliamentary Office may not be used in violation of good practice. This refers to any use of an image in a context that can be considered defamatory towards the person depicted in the image or the photographer. The content of the images may not be modified.

​Terms of use explained

The user of an image need not seek separate permission from the photographer, as the Parliamentary Office has acquired images with extensive user rights. However, the right of use does not entail any other permissions that the use of the image may require owing to its content or the purpose of its use, such as permission from any persons identifiable in the photo to use the photo in a new context. If the photo includes works covered by copyright (e.g. works of art) or trademarks, the use of the photo may require permission from the holder of the copyright or owner of the trademark. 

If the user fails to obtain the above permits and the use is in violation of the intellectual rights of a third party (copyright, trademark) or other rights (e.g. the right of a person identifiable in a photograph to control the use of the photo), the user is liable for any damages and costs incurred to the Parliament by such usage (e.g. legal costs). In principle, the user is directly liable for any damages incurred to third parties. If claims are made against the Parliament resulting in damages or costs, the user is by virtue of the contract liable for compensating the Parliament for such damages or costs.