​Visit the Library of Parliament

We welcome visitor groups and are happy to show the library facilities, collections and services.

Everyone interested in the library, the Parliament, justice, history and social issues is welcome. We particularly invite law and social sciences students to explore the collections and services of the library. Our library is an interesting place to visit also for genealogists, senior and school groups as well as librarian and students in the library field, for example.

We design the tour based on the interests of the visitor group. It is possible to focus on information sources for a certain specialty, such as the archive of the Parliament, parliamentary issues, legal information, the EU or international organisations. We also arrange training events on these topics.

Please make a reservation at least two weeks in advance of the desired date by filling in the reservation form. The tour lasts 1–2 hours or as agreed. The maximum number of participants is 30.

Additional information concerning the visit can be obtained from Antti Virrankoski, e-mail: name.surname@parliament.fi, tel. +358 (0)9 432 3401.

Welcome to the Library of Parliament!