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Open to the public, the Library of Parliament and its services are available to everyone. The core group of customers comprises Members of Parliament, parliamentary officials, the offices of parliamentary groups, Members of the European Parliament, other parliaments, the President’s Office and the Government.

In addition, the library serves students, researchers, government agencies, courts of law, companies, other libraries and information services as well as ordinary citizens. The library provides confidential and equal service to all its customers.

Our Finnish page contains interviews with customers who describe their relationship with the Library of Parliament.

The Library of Parliament has released videos of researchers working in its researcher space. In the videos, the researchers talk about their experiences of the researcher space and of the services offered by the Library of Parliament. They also shed light on their interesting research topics. Most of the videos are in Finnish and available on our Finnish page.

 Ryoko Oshikamo

Ryoko Oshikamo
Comparative analysis of pharmatical patent systems in Japan, Europe and the US. Video on YouTube channel 28.4.2016