Library of Parliament Conditions of Use

 1 §
Tasks and services of the Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament, organised under the auspices of the Parliamentary Office, provides services to Parliament in line with its sphere of tasks, and serves as Parliament's central archives and as a public central library disseminating legal information, social and political information, and parliamentary information [Act on the Library of Parliament (983/1984) §1].

The specialist fields of the Library of Parliament are legal information, parliamentary information, and social and political information. The key role of the Library is to provide the following services: enquiry and lending services, archival service, information service, information management training, and interlibrary loans service.

Information on the activities, opening hours and services of the Library of Parliament is available on the Library's website, in leaflets, on our Facebook page, and on the notice board.

2 §
General guidelines

Library users shall comply with these Conditions of Use and with other instructions given by Library staff.

Users shall not cause any disturbance in the Library and shall not damage the Library's facilities or property.

Bags must be left in the lockers provided whilst you are in the Library and removed from the lockers by the Library’s closing time. Please note that any items left by users in the Library are at the owner’s risk. The Library of Parliament does not accept any liability whatsoever for any damage caused, loss or otherwise.

3 §
Using and borrowing of material

Any material borrowed from the Library or used in the Library’s premises must be handled in an appropriate fashion. A library card is needed for borrowing, reserving or renewing material. The library card is issued to anyone who fills out the application form and provides proof of identity. Persons under 15 years of age need to provide written consent from their parents or guardians before a card can be issued. When signing the application form, the user agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions issued by the Library.

The library card must be used by the cardholder only, and must be shown whenever material is borrowed. The user is responsible for any material borrowed on his/her card. The user must promptly notify Customer Services of any changes to his/her contact details and in the event that the library card is lost.

If any borrowed material is required by a Member of Parliament or parliamentary staff, then the user must return it to the Library immediately. The user is entitled to borrow the material again when it is no longer needed.

Material in poor condition or literature printed before 1900 as well as material from the Reference Library is only borrowed for use in the Library’s customer premises.

The user undertakes to return or renew the borrowed material by the due date at the latest. The user will be banned from borrowing any new items if he/she fails to renew or return the borrowed items to the Library of Parliament by the due date. The user shall be liable to compensate the Library for any material lost or damaged by the user.

The user’s right to borrow will be reinstated once the user has either returned the material or paid for a replacement copy.

4 §
Use of archival holdings

Printed parliamentary documents are available for users in the same way as any other library material. Library users should always use copies of archival material in place of the originals. Original archival holdings may only be used in the user premises accepted by the Library of Parliament. The original holdings must be returned at the Customer Service Desk after each use. Only Library staff is entitled to make copies of this material.

Archival materials are ordered by filling out the archive loan request form at the Customer Service Desk. By signing the archive loan request form, the user agrees to comply with the applicable regulations and guidelines pertaining to the handling and publicity of documents. Archive requests can also be emailed in advance to

Most of the archival holdings are accessible to the public. Authorisation to use confidential documents is given by the Secretary General of Parliament upon application. The Director of the Library of Parliament grants authorisation to use certain archival collections.

5 §
Information services

Upon request, the Library of Parliament's Information Service conducts information searches in the Library's specialist fields. Whenever possible, the Information Service delivers the results of the searches within three working days. If the information request is particularly broad in scope, the delivery time will be separately agreed upon with the customer.

The Information Service does not provide any legal counselling.

Upon receiving the request, the customer is informed of any fees that may be charged for the information retrieval.

6 §
Interlibrary loans service

Material needed in parliamentary work is borrowed to the Members of Parliament and to parliamentary staff as interlibrary loans.

The Library of Parliament obtains interlibrary loans in its specialist fields for researchers working at the licentiate level or higher.

The Library of Parliament sends interlibrary loans and copies of the materials in its collections to other libraries. Microfilmed and digitally stored archival holdings are given to libraries and regional archives as interlibrary loans. The originals are retained by the Library of Parliament and are not given as interlibrary loans.

The general guidelines for libraries and the instructions given by the sending library are applied to interlibrary loans.

7 §
Premises and equipment

The Library’s customer premises include the Reading Room, the areas open to the public and the open access collection on the entrance floor, and the open access collection on the Self-Service Floor. Those using materials from the Library’s own collections shall enjoy priority in the use of reading rooms and other working facilities in the Library.

The workstations and other equipment supplied by the Library are intended for research, information retrieval and study purposes. The equipment must be used in compliance with law and generally accepted practice.

The use of the Researchers´ Room and the procedure for applying for researchers´ places are subject to the separate conditions of use confirmed by the Library’s Board.

There is a break room available for customers. The consumption of drink and food, loud conversation and the use of mobile phones in only allowed in the break room. Bringing animals other than guide dogs into the Library’s premises is not allowed.

8 §
Photocopies and copying service

Library users may take copies of publications in the collections of the Library of Parliament within the limits defined in the Copyright Act (404/1961, as amended). For a fee, users may also order copies from the Library's collections in accordance with the Copyright Act. Special workstations have also been reserved for making printouts of Parliament and Finlex material free of charge.

9 §
Fees and grounds for charges

The basic services provided to everyone free of charge, the service fees charged, and the grounds for charges are defined in the fee policy confirmed by the Library’s Board.

10 §
Confidentiality of the customers’ personal data

The Library of Parliament does not release any personal data pertaining to its users, or data on their loans, to third parties. An exception to this rule is overdue loans for which the Library retains the services of a collection agency to repossess the material. In this case the Library will release the customer’s particulars and the details of the material that has not been returned to the Library. A description of personal data file pursuant to the Personal Data Act (523/1999) that describes the Library’s user register is available upon request. Users may also check their own data in the register if they so wish.

11 §
Ban on the use of services

In the event that a library user breaches these rules, the Director of the Library of Parliament or his or her alternate is entitled to prohibit said person from using the Library’s services for a fixed period of time.

12 §
Adoption of the Conditions of Use

These Conditions of Use adopted by the Board of the Library of Parliament on 27 March 2014 shall enter into force on 15 May 2014. These rules replace the Conditions of Use adopted by the Board of the Library of Parliament on 19 April 2012 that entered into force on 4 June 2012.