Visit Parliament

​​There are many ways for you to explore the Parliament Building and learn about the activities of the Parliament. Come to observe a plenary session, participate in a guided tour or book a remote visit.

​​Public guided tours continue in June. The available times will be published on this page later in spring. In the spring season 2023 guided visits for groups are organized from April 12th to June 16th. Guided visits are not organized during the election break. The Parliament’s May tours are reserved for schools and educational institutions only.

Guided tours

  • group booking
  • public guided tour
  • remote visit
  • virtual tour
  • Presentation of the Library of Parliament

Independent visits

  • observe a plenary session from the gallery
  • participate in a parliamentary group event organised at the Visitor’s Centre

​​Instructions for visits

All guided tours and visits are free.

​​The guided tours take about 45 minutes, the library presentation takes 1–2 hours. 

The guided tours are held in Finnish, Swedish or English. Tours in other languages may be offered, where possible.

Everyone arriving in Parliament will go through a security check that is similar to an airport security check.

​​Extensive street work will begin on Mannerheimintie on March 6, 2023. It will make it difficult to move around the Parliament Building and will increase travel times on Mannerheimintie. Check the latest information before arrival at hel.fi/mannerheimintie​

​​Guided tours

Book a guided tour for a group 

The guided tour will take 45 minutes. During the tour, your group will explore the Parliament Building and learn about the activities of the Parliament. The minimum group size is 6 people. ​​In the spring season 2023 guided visits are organized from April 12th to June 16th. Guided visits are not organized during the election break. The Parliament’s May tours are reserved for schools and educational institutions only. Book a guided tour​ 

Sign up for a public guided tour 

​The public guided tour will take 45 minutes. During the tour, you will explore the Parliament Building and learn about the activities of the Parliament. The guided tours will continue in June. Registration forms and more information on public guided tours

Book a remote visit

The remote visit will take approximately 45 minutes. During the visit, we will explore the activities of the Parliament, especially the basics of the legislative process and the work that Members of Parliament do. In addition, we will visit some of the Parliament Building’s important sights via video. Book a remote visit

The start time of the remote visit can be adjusted slightly to account for things like the start of a lesson. The remote visit is carried out through a free Microsoft Teams connection. You can use Teams with a web browser or through an app that you can download onto mobile devices or computers. To ensure a smooth connection, a maximum of 25 people can participate in remote visits via their own devices. You can also participate in a visit by having your group follow the visit from the same device together. If your group uses one device to follow the visit, there are no restrictions on the number of participants. To increase the level of interaction, the camera can be kept on, but it is not necessary.

Take a virtual tour

You can also explore the most important areas of the Parliament Building with a virtual tour. Start a virtual tour 

Book a Presentation for the Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament is open to everyone. Book a guided visit to the library​ at least two weeks before the day of the visit. The tour lasts 1–2 hours, or the length can be adjusted according to your needs. The maximum number of participants is 30. ​Visit the Library of Parliament​​​

​​Independent visits

Observe a plenary session from the gallery 

Come to observe the Parliament’s plenary sessions from the Plenary Hall gallery. Parliament usually holds plenary sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 2 p.m., Thursdays at 4 p.m. and Fridays at 1 p.m. The Thursday plenary sessions opens with Question Time. The plenary session on Friday normally lasts 30 minutes at most. The doors will open 15 minutes before the plenary session. There are no plenary sessions during the election break. Read more about the plenary session.

Participate in events at the Visitor Centre

Parliamentary groups and Members of Parliament organise public events at the Visitor’s Centre with non-governmental organisations. The Visitor Centre is located in the Parliament’s Little Parliament building. Everyone attending Visitor Centre events will go through a security check. Visitor Centre​  

Participate in a public event

The Parliament occasionally organises public events, such as open house days, for citizens. Open house events also provide an opportunity to visit places that are not normally open to the public in the Parliament Building. We will provide information about upcoming public events on this page. 

​​​Instructions for visits

Group bookings, group size

The minimum group size in the booking service is 6 participants and the maximum size is 25. For larger groups, the booking system will automatically select the required number of consecutive times and guides.

Group bookings, field trips 

School children and students are welcome to take guided Parliament tours throughout the year. We support the democracy education of schools by reserving the Parliament’s May tours only for schools and educational institutions.

You can book tours in May via the online booking service. A teacher or school representative can request a link to their work email for making school bookings at oppaat(at)eduskunta.fi.

Duration of the guided tour 

The tour lasts for approximately one hour. The first 15 minutes of the visit are reserved for entry and the security check. The guided tour itself takes approximately 45 minutes. The presentation of the library takes 1–2 hours. Guided tours are organised during office hours on weekdays.

​​Entering the Parliament Building 

A security check is conducted on all visitors and visitor groups arriving at Parliament. Guided visits always begin with a security check. If you are coming to the gallery to follow a plenary session, the visitor's entrance will open 15 minutes before the start of the session. You can join the gallery to follow a plenary session at any point during the session. No snacks or drinking bottles are allowed in the Plenary Hall gallery. The public gallery is accessible.

Matters that you should take into account during your visit 

Guided tours and gallery visits take place during office hours, so please be considerate towards the people working in the building. Mobile phones must be set on silent. 

Studded shoes are not allowed in the Parliament Building due to sensitive floor materials. If you are wearing studded shoes, always wear protective covers or change into other shoes indoors.


If you have any questions about visiting Parliament, please send an email to oppaat(at)eduskunta.fi.

The guide services' call centre is open on weekdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m., tel. +358 (0)9 432 2013​. ​​

Arrival instructions for the Parliament Building and a map of the entrances

The visitor entrance of the Parliament is located on Mannerheimintie, on the right side of the main stairs. The easiest way to get to the Parliament is by public transport. The walking distance to the Parliament Building from the Helsinki Railway Station and Kamppi Bus Terminal is less than a kilometre. There are no parking spaces in front of the Parliament Building. There are paid parking spaces provided by the City of Helsinki and private parking garages near the Parliament.

​​​–​ Visitor entrance B (guided tours, plenary sessions, open house)
​– Library of Parliament C 
​​– Little Parliament F (Visitor’s Centre public events)


Visitor entrance is in the North East corner of the building on Mannerheimintie side Accessible map of parliament house​​​​