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Parliament: Finland´s strong support for Ukraine continues

Published 2/24/2023 5:25 PM

​Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto (Green Parliamentary Group) had the first speaking turn after the opening words by First Deputy Speaker. 

Parliament: Finland´s strong support for Ukraine continues

The members of the parliament expressed their unwavering and strong support for Ukraine until it wins the war. The topical debate on Ukraine in a plenary session took place on the one-year anniversary of the start of the Russia´s war of aggression, Friday 24 February. Russia´s brutal and illegal actions in Ukraine were strongly condemned.

The MPs stated that Finland is willing to give Ukraine economic, military and humanitarian support as long as it takes. Ukrainian refugees are warmly welcome to Finland, and after the war Finland is ready to support Ukraine´s reconstruction.

“The Ukrainians have fought bravely with a strong will to defend their country and with the Western support that has been exceptionally united. The Ukrainians are not fighting only for the future of their own country, but also for democracy and humanity, for us and for other nations that share the same values. The Ukrainians deserve our highest respect and all possible support that we Finns can provide. Ukraine’s cause is ours. We must not forget the Ukrainian people”, said First Deputy Speaker Antti Rinne (Social Democratic Parliamentary Group).

During the discussion it was also emphasized how Russia´s war of aggression has united the EU and caused Finland and Sweden to apply for Nato membership.

Ukrainian Ambassador Olga Dibrova and Counselor Maksym Kravchuk attended the plenary session in the diplomats' gallery. 

Before the topical debate a moment of silence was held to show support for the Ukrainians and to respect the victims of the war.

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