Administration Committee

​Administration Committee

The matters dealt with by the Administration Committee include state, regional, and local administration; regional and structural policy; general administration; state personnel policy; emergency and rescue services; accident investigation; the Frontier Guards Service; immigration affairs, and matters pertaining to the municipalities and the Church.




Riikka Purra PurraThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group

 Vice Chairperson



Mari-Leena Talvitie TalvitieParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party




Tiina Elo EloGreen Parliamentary Group
Jussi Halla-aho Halla-ahoThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Eveliina Heinäluoma HeinäluomaSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Hanna Holopainen HolopainenGreen Parliamentary Group
Hanna Huttunen HuttunenCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Anna-Kaisa Ikonen IkonenParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Mikko Kärnä KärnäCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Aki Lindén LindénSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Mats Löfström LöfströmSwedish Parliamentary Group
Mauri Peltokangas PeltokangasThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Juha Pylväs PylväsCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Piritta Rantanen RantanenSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Matti Semi SemiLeft Alliance Parliamentary Group
Heidi Viljanen ViljanenSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Ben Zyskowicz ZyskowiczParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party

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​Administration Committee
tel. +358 9 432 2054,
fax. +358 9 432 2070