Transport and Communications Committee

Transport and Communications Committee

The task of the Transport and Communications Committee is to deal with matters that concern road, rail, air and water traffic, navigation, transport law as well as working time regulations in the transport sector - in so far as they concern traffic safety - post, telecommunications, radio and television functions and other communications, information security of communication services, the meteorological service and the Finnish Broadcasting Company.




Suna Kymäläinen KymäläinenSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group

 Vice Chairperson



Ari Torniainen TorniainenCentre Party Parliamentary Group




Pekka Aittakumpu AittakumpuCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Sandra Bergqvist BergqvistSwedish Parliamentary Group
Seppo Eskelinen EskelinenSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Janne Heikkinen HeikkinenParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Juho Kautto KauttoLeft Alliance Parliamentary Group
Jouni Kotiaho KotiahoThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Johan Kvarnström KvarnströmSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group
Joonas Könttä KönttäCentre Party Parliamentary Group
Sheikki Laakso LaaksoThe Finns Party Parliamentary Group
Matias Marttinen MarttinenParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Jenni Pitko PitkoGreen Parliamentary Group
Mirka Soinikoski SoinikoskiGreen Parliamentary Group
Kari Tolvanen TolvanenParliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party
Ano Turtiainen TurtiainenAno Turtiainen Parliamentary Group
Paula Werning WerningSocial Democratic Parliamentary Group

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​Transport and Communications Committee
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